Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines

Your Application. Your Machine. AMCM.

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Customized Machines

Adapted Processes

AMCM has been created to enable customers through customized AM solutions. At AMCM we are able to modify and enhance current EOS systems to meet customer specific requirements. From new laser solutions to heating concepts and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

Customized Machines

Adapted Sizes

Machine build volume determines which parts and batch sizes can be produced. This directly impacts the scope of applications as well as the economics of part production. At AMCM we can adjust build volumes to increase flexibility and optimize your processes.

New Concepts

Endless Possibilities

System adaptations have their limits. For those looking to push the boundaries of AM we are there to help. Looking at your specific application, we can create new systems to allow entry into completely new AM markets. The possibilities are endless.