Our Process


With any new project, we start by reviewing the application. Whether the goal is material development or creating specific parts, it is important that the goal is clear. This critical first step allows us to understand the project scope and where your need stem from.

  • Wishes
  • Ideas
  • Problems
  • Needs


Now that the goal is clear specifications and requirements need to be created. This gives the project it’s framework; what is “nice to have”, what is a must have, and how success is defined.

  • Volume
  • Properties
  • Materials


With clear requirements our engineering team now needs to consider how to best reach the stated goals. This “deep dive” is used to study potential solutions, determine costs, review timelines, analyze specifications and select possible paths for development.

  • Machine Type
  • Process
  • Costs


Based on the analysis the outcome is a specific development path: a customized solution or a new machine concept. At this point the project timeline, costs and final specifications can be presented and assessed by the requesting parties.


With the other steps behind us, now it‘s time to launch the development. Your customized machine will be built to the agreed specifications, timeline, and costs.