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Discover the opportunities offered by a dynamic environment of a corporate start-up within the EOS Group - everything is possible!

Whether you are just beginning your career or are coming to us with many years of experience – you can shape your career and the industrial revolution with us if you are characterized by the following: your enthusiasm for technology, your tendency to see solutions instead of problems, your talent to think outside the box and act autonomously and your pleasure to learn new things, to master challenges and to bring about changes. Interested in working for a company pushing the limits of what is possible in AM?
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Open Positions

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Initiative Applications

At AMCM, we are always looking for talented individuals with a passion for Additive Manufacturing, Laser/Optical Systems, and Mechanical Engineering. If you believe your interests and skills match with our company profile, we would be happy to receive your application. Tell us about your background, why you would be a benefit to our organization, and what your goals are. We will review the application and provide feedback if we believe you could be a fit for our organization now or in the future.